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Lure v0.06 Alpha— Link! - reddit post

At the same time, it is a test of the pen and an advertisement for a my future full-fledged CYOA.

Office Slut v1.1 — Link! Korean ver. - reddit post

A simple CYOA inspired by a shitpost on reddit. Made it literally in half a day, but I think this is the final version. I guess I shouldn't be distracted for long!

Lure v0.13 BETA — Link! - reddit post

I keep doing my Lure CYOA! Now it's a beta version! I guess...

Boss Whore v0.9 — Link! - reddit post

Well, the Office Slut sequel is done!

Kidnapped v0.7 — Link! - reddit post

Unfortunately, it turned out that the requirements system in intcyoacreator has some limitations, so this fun CYOA will remain unfinished. But it's still cool! Maybe someday later I'll transfer it to another engine and then finish it...

Lure p.3 Gimel — Link! - reddit post

The third part! Update! Damn, folks, this isn't an edit of the previous version, it's a new part! Everything is new!

EDC by Dragon's Whore — Imgchest! Neocities! Korean ver. - reddit post

A one-page CYOA about a starving Succa and 20 artifacts from which you can choose... A few.

Lure p.4 Dalet — Link! - reddit post

Yeah, Succa really talked me into drawing something...

GMO Department v0.7 — CYOAP ver. ICC ver. Details about CYOAP here - reddit post

The adventures of the office slut continue. This time she'll face bestiality, tentacles and monsters!

End of Life (en. version) — Link! - reddit post

Korean original

1. it's not my CYOA, I just translated it and added a tiny bit of DLC. 2. It's really violent.

Glory Hole — Link! - reddit post

Ah, damn, just turned away for a few hours, and Succa again... Did it.

Interview with TokHaar Gol on Radio Dragon's Whore — Link! - reddit post

It's not CYOA, it's just an interview. And it's a real Tok, I checked!

For The Emperor! — Link! - reddit post

CYOA on Warhammer, about corruption, demonettes and a heroic commissar with a whip. Shortened version, no further work planned yet.

EDC by Dragon's Whore p2 — Link! - reddit post

A continuation of the first part. Damn, I guess I'll have to punish her again!

Fucking Hentai Nightmare! — Sample version

A huge, vivid and fascinating story about the scariest and most awesome nightmare ever! This is CYOA for my subscribers only, you can buy the full version here! (~1$)

Demon-god of world creation (en. version) — Link! - reddit post

Korean original

Another wonderful CYOA that I translated from Korean. It's very large and has lots of hidden sections so please try to play in all three worlds so you don't miss much of the content.

Succubus Café — Link! - reddit post

A simple CYOA about... Oh, how did you guess? Yeah, it's about a Succubus Café! Exactly!

Saintess (en. version) — Link! - reddit post

Korean original

A translation of one of my all-time favorite CYOAs. Plus a little DLC

Last Days — Link! - reddit post

Commission by Asdo21 as well as my biggest CYOA ever.

Prison Bitch — Link! - reddit post

Commission by HeartoCourage2. I guess from the title it's not hard to guess what this CYOA is about :3 unlike past projects here I also tried to make the game changes correctly from the choice of gender, so you can be any type of bitch.

Horny Police Department — Link! - reddit post

After the prison bitch story, I couldn't resist making a CYOA about cops :3

Pet's Pet — Link! - reddit post

This time you don't just get to feel like a bitch, you get to meet the doggies!

Arabian Nights — Link! - reddit post Snake DLC post

Power fantasy in the style of Arabian tales. Your harem awaits you, oh great Sultan! Commission by u/cyoaccount227 +Snake DLC

Cursed APP — Link! - reddit post

Hey Anon, want to try a fun new app? Don't worry, it's totally free, ahahaha! Commission by Alran



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An obvious way to increase my motivation and allow me to spend more time on CYOA. And big and beautiful CYOA actually takes a hell of a lot of effort >_<



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